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Insider: Contender-Left Hand (Custom)

  • $77.99

Harry’s Holsters Insider holster is one of the best and most concealable Inside-the-Waistband or “IWB” holsters on the market. We literally founded our company with the mission of tastefully concealing a firearm when wearing tailored or tucked in shirts to serve the often ignored professional and business concealed carry markets.  

The contender expands past this into athletic markets.  If you find yourself wearing a lot of gym clothing this may be the holster for you.  Works well with gym shorts, basketball shorts, sweatpants and other athletic style clothing.  The plastic fabriclip locks over your waistband to keep your holster in place when drawing your gun.  This setup is easier on your athletic clothing than options like the ulticlip.  


  • Adjustable ride height
  • Secure the holster at your preferred cant
  • No Belt Required.


With our fantastic warranty you can’t go wrong. If you are in the market for an in the waistband (IWB holster) holster then look no further, we have you covered. But don’t take our word for it, go check out our testimonials page and see what our actual customers have to say about our products.

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