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1.  Does Kydex scratch the finish of a gun?

The Kydex itself doesn't scratch your gun and in fact kydex is less abrasive than leather.  What will scratch your gun is dust and debris on the inside of the holster.  To keep this from happening clean your holster regularly with soap, water and compressed air.

2.  Should I use thread locker on the holster hardware?

If you plan on switching the hardware configuration on your holster

2.  What does the claw do?

The claw trucks the grip of the gun into your torso when carrying AIWB.

4.  What is better the polymer clip or the Ulticlip3?

If you are carrying with a belt and not tucking a shirt over your holster the polymer clip is preferable.  If you are carrying without a belt or tucking your shirt over your holster the ulticlip3 is preferable.

5.  What's your warranty?

We offer a one year warranty on manufacturer defects.  If it's a warrenty issue we will cover shipping.

6.  What is your return policy?

We take returns within 60 days on quick ship items and you cover shipping.  Due to the nature of custom items we can't take returns.